(digitally remastered from original AFKA recording with updated liner notes)

     Mara Sindoni, Soprano and Patricia Cox, Pianist

        Mahler, Funf Gesaenge and Nunlist, Rilke Lieder, Nachtstuecke


  "For AFKA Records Mary Sindoni... has recorded some strange and striking songs by Alma Mahler

   and some conservative but effective songs by Juli Nunlist...Sindoni has an outgoing temperament

   and a glowing voice."  (Richard Dyer, Boston Globe​)



A QUILT OF SONGS  for Parlor, Music Hall and Church by AMERICAN WOMEN COMPOSERS (1790-1890)

      from the American Antiquarian Society's Collections, premiere recording (CD)

           Mara Sindoni, Soprano and Susan Bishov, Pianist

   Parlor songs, Abolitionist, Civil War songs, Temperance, military, minstrel-show and dance-hall songs,

   a bel canto aria, an oratorio aria, an art song, hymns and dance variations by 21 American women of

   the nineteenth-century.

   "Sindoni is a fine scholar, who introduced each composition with oral comments...her projection

    was attractive and stylish. reaching into mannerisms of a hundred years ago."

                                                                                                             (Arthur Hepner, Boston Globe​)

WOMEN COMPOSERS OF PAST AND PRESENT ( Youtube) (CD funding needed)

     Mara Sindoni, Soprano; Alys Terrien-Queen, Patricia Cox, Pianists

  • Introductory Remarks to Group One: Hildegarde von Bingen, Roine Blanc, Barbara Strozzi, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Lili Boulanger, Irene Wienawski Paul (Poldowski), Yulia Weysberg Rimsky-Korsakov, Grazyna Bacewicz
  • Introductory Remarks to Group Two: Maria Theresa von Paradis, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Pauline Viardot-Garcia, Clara Wieck Schumann, Alma Schindler Mahler, Juli Nunlist
  • Performance of Fanny Mendelssohn's "Die Mainacht."
  • Introductory Remarks for Alma Mahler and Performance of "Lobgesang."
  • Performance of Juli Nunlist's "Schlaflied."
  • Introductory Remarks to Group Three: Amy Beach, Leila Pradell, Betty Jackson King, Elizabeth Vercoe, Anna Priscilla Risher
  • ​Performance of Leila Pradell's "Egyptian Ode."

  "Witness Mary Sindoni's marvelous recital of songs by romantic and early 20th century composers, each a gem.

   Some of the composers' names might even sound familiar: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Clara Wieck Schumann,

   Alma Schindler Mahler, Lili Boulanger, Irene Wieniawski Paul, Julia Weissberg Rimsky-Korsakov. But the

   music itself was not. And yet it was gorgeous stuff, richly compassionate and moving.  Why have these

   beautiful songs laid neglected so long? (Derrick Henry, ​Boston Globe​)

ART SONGS BY RUSSIAN AND JEWISH WOMEN (premiere - CD funding needed)

    Mara Sindoni, Soprano and Minuetta Kessler and George Zilzer, Pianists

       Yiddish songs by Minuetta Kessler, In Shoen fun Libshaft, poetry by Kessler's aunt, Esther Shumiatcher Hirshbein

       about her love for her husband, the famous Yiddish playwright, Peretz Hirshbein, with Minuetta Kessler pianist
              Russian songs by Yulia Weysberg Rimsky-Korsakov, student and daughter-in- law of Nicolai Rimsky-

              Korsakov,accompanied by George Zilzer.

      "Three of Boston"s most accomplished and best-known musicians presented an  ambitious program of unfamiliar

       music by female composers. One looks forward to having this program, like Mary Sindoni's earlier performances,

       recorded." ( Harry Zohn, Jewish Advocate)


​LUIGI DALLAPICCOLA and RUTH LOMON (premiere - CD funding needed)

  Dallapiccola: Cinque Frammenti di Saffo; Sex Carmina Alcaei

      Mara Sindoni, Soprano with NEC Symphony Orchestra, Dallapiccola conducting and
         Ruth Lomon, Songs from a Requiem for Soprano and Wind Quintet and

         Ruth Lomon, Fantasy Into the Mind of a Machine, Mara Sindoni and William Malone, Saxophone


   "Je me souviens tres bien de la ravissante soiree a Boston, ainsi que de votre belle et intelligent

    interpretation de mes Sappho et Alcaios Songs." (Luigi Dallapiccola)


   "Gifted with a beautiful voice...successful at creating an atmosphere...won an honest-to-goodness ovation

    from the large audience." (Michael Steinberg, Boston Globe​)


   photo: Left to Right, Leila Pradell, Ruth Lomon (Founding Director of Women Composers of

             Massachusetts), Diane Goolkasian Rahbee, with Mara Sindoni in back



       Mara Sindoni, Soprano and George Zilzer, Pianis  (Youtube; CD funding needed)

            Svenk, Krasa, Schreker, Mittler, Schoenberg, Schulhoff, Korngold, Weill,  Ullmann, Klein

    "This video will be a valuable teaching resource."  Margot Stern Strom (Facing History and Ourselves)


    "Mara Sindoni is a great musical talent.  Her concert...vividly rekindles the memories of these

     composers.  It was touching and brilliant." Cary Eichenbaum, (Jewish Herald​)

     photo: Mara Sindoni with Holocaust survivor, Edgar Krasa who knew Krasa, Schulhoff and Ullmann at

                Terezin Concentration Camp.

SCHOENBERG, KRENEK and HINDEMITH (premiere - CD funding needed)

    Mara Sindoni, Soprano with George Zilzer and Kerry Carlin, Pianists

    Schoenberg's early Nachod Lieder (premiere), Jane Grey, a pivotal work on the brink of atonality, plus Three

    Songs, opus 48, Schoenberg's dodecaphonic last songs for voice and piano, written in 1933, with George Zilzer,

        Kafka Lieder by Ernst Krenek with George Zilzer, Pianist

            and four songs from Paul Hindemith's Das Marienleben, 1948 version, with Kerry Carlin, Pianist.


   "a landmark performance of 20th century songs in German" (​Goethe Institute​)

    photo at left: Mara Sindoni with George Zilzer, Pianist